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Q&A: Most Amazing Adventure Abroad

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We asked and you answered! In the last installment of Q&A, we asked:

What was your most amazing adventure while abroad?

photo-1424819827928-55f0c8497861When was “the moment” when everything coalesced and you felt the most alive you have ever felt? What weekend trips should students who study abroad after you ABSOLUTELY go on? What was the adventure that made your experience for you?

Here are their answers:

I’d never been more alive than I was climbing the Austrian Alps. I had been planning it for four years, and Spring Break during my study abroad with ISA in Paris, I decided to visit Austria by myself and immerse myself in two of life’s most beautiful things: nature and music. I spent the first few days exploring the cities of Mozart, my absolute favorite composer, and got lost in the culture. Then, I went to my favorite city on earth–Zell am See, Austria…

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Mother’s Day

The Belle Jar


This post is for my mother. This is in recognition of the countless hours of unpaid labour she did and continues to do for my sisters and I. This post is an acknowledgement of the fact that I have taken her for granted; she’s given her time and energy to me so freely and generously that it wasn’t until I had my own child that I understood how much this must have personally cost her. She is someone whose love and support I can rely on even when she disagrees with the choices I make.

This post is for all the people who work in childcare and are underpaid because what they do is undervalued by our society. This is for the folks – mostly women – who are often offered minimum wage or less to nurture, engage, educate and love a child.

This post is for all the people who are helping me…

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And we meet again…


This is a story I had in my mind for ages but it needed structure and meaning to it. I thought so much about it that it found its way somehow. So grab a coffee and put a good song on and read on!

There was a girl who was new to the city. Sounds typical but there’s a reason why she came here in London. To find someone. Her people who she can rightfully call “hers to keep”.


This wasn’t a typical love story. Its more than that! So this is how it goes.

A girl wearing a white dress with her tresses on the side along with her constant smile who was nervous on her first day of university and lost since she joined in the middle of the term. She was walking down the corridor with leaflets in her hand from various of people,  when a boy who wore a navy blue shirt and came running through the stairs with colours in his hand and they bumped into each other and the next thing you know the colours were on her dress from his hands.

Coincidentally they were in the same class but what she seemed to remember was forgotten by him. Was it love? No not yet.

After a few classes, the girl got a whole range of new friends. That moment when a new person joins in and everybody rushes to be their friends.  It was one of those moments.


After the second semester,the guy, Fars was in love with someone,  not the new girl, Danielle but someone else. Danielle was heartbroken. She like him. A lot. Maybe more than anything. But she was happy and wanted to see him happy. So she kept quiet.

Naveen came to her and asked ger if she’s okay. He was her best friend. They have been friends since kindergarten and were there for each other since forever. But she didn’t say anything. Maybe he understood. Maybe he didn’t. But it didn’t matter. For now. She called me that night and asked me if she is that bad I never realised that she was hiding so much from me. So much.


On 23rd March,  it was Fareeza’s birthday (Fars girlfriend) and he organised a big terraced party and he invited everyone including Danielle. Imtee called her and told her to get the knife so that they can cut the cake and then a gunshot was fired. Surprised. Someone died. Who was it?


I was in my flight back to London from Australia. I can’t wait to meet everyone,  especially Danielle. I hope she’s keeping well. After a long journey I am finally home. The next morning I went to university and asked for Danielle’s address since I couldn’t find her anywhere. But I did get her diary which was the only thing I got from her locker.


After going through the old things, I got to know about all this but I got to know something else too while I was reading. The gunshot killed Danielle. The night before the party everyone was discussing of getting rid of her because they thought that her arrival ruined everything but behind that closed door was her standing and listening. The sad thing was that even Naveen was there. She decided not to go but what changed her decision was Naveen coming by when she was sitting by the river at night when all there was, was a lantern and the moonlight.


And Naveen asked her, “Dans, will you come to the party tomorrow? ” At a glance,  all the flashbacks memories happy and sad times flashed back and she said “yes”.


The next day, on the birthday, she saw everyone and as she approach with the knife, Ameez shot her right at the back. She closed her eyes and the tears fell from her eyes and she looked behind and at a flash,  she saw everyone and fell on the floor. Her love, her best friend and everyone who were her friends were standing there while she died.

I closed the book and at the end I was her smiling 5×8″ photo and hanged it in the wall. Because… because I loved her. No one got punished as Danielle didn’t want that but they missed her when she was gone.


“You only appreciate the people once they are gone”

First ever blog.